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Top 3 benefits of installing high quality school ventilation


Handy legislation guide

We recently launched a guide outlining some of the most important design criteria and building legislations in England for educational establishments and commercial spaces.  It led us to thinking about why our customers choose to specify a particular solution when there are multiple options in the market.


Benefits of good ventilation in the classroom

  1. Good ventilation in the class-room might seem obvious, but the reason for the regulatory imperative is compelling.  By providing a fresh environment, staff and students are able to maintain focus levels and concentration throughout the day.  We have all experienced learning environments where after lunch it feels so stuffy that an afternoon nap feels in order. 
  2. From a practical perspective, with space as a premium in classrooms and colleges, it can be beneficial to have a ventilation and heating solution in the roof-space, freeing up space for display or storage requirements.  A good hybrid or mechanical system can kick into action when the room is unoccupied meaning minimum distracting fan noise.
  3. Some schools that are situated in areas of high air pollution have called for traffic exclusion zones at peak times.  Other ways to mitigate the risk of ducting polluted air indoors can be to install mechanical systems such as MVHR with extra fine filters fitted to deliver fresh air to staff and students.

The importance of a clear user interface

With all these considerations in mind, it is important that room users are able to interact with the system to ensure it is operating to a high standard.  Monodraught offer LCD wall controllers; these provide a visual interface in-room as to how the system works. The controllers  advise action to take to improve the room environment, whether that be opening a window or alerting a spike in CO2 levels.  Systems that include an optional heating element also have sensors installed that intuitively learn the heating load of the room based on occupancy.  By harnessing the power of IOT, it makes heating the room much more efficient and cost effective.

Monodraught; natural, hybrid and mechanical ventilation specialists

As an example, Selwyn School in East London has recently chosen to specify the full range of Monodraught products for different room applications..  They will be using a selection of our systems including X-Air, HTM and MVHR in halls, staff-rooms, shared spaces and classrooms.

If you would like to discuss any of our Monodraught products with a member of the team, we are happy to provide a free building simulation design service.  Alternatively, our Technical Consultant team would be delighted to discuss your project with you.

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